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Saipan Real Estate

We offer management, financial, and real estate consulting services as a broker, auctioneer, Saipan Services Inc., a NMI corporation, offers a wide range of business services, including project management, construction, and procurement.  Our business consulting also includes, sales, marketing, and property management.

Welcome to Saipan

Saipan Services WELCOMES YOU to TROPICAL PARADISE!                

Saipan Services offers personalized services for all realty needs.  If you need professional assistance buying or selling property, leasing homes, houses, condos, apartments, land, beach, and ocean view lots in the CNMI, call or email Saipan Real Estate.  

Welcome to the Pacific and the Northern Marianas Islands

 SaipanReal Estate

1. Buyer looking for large parcels of vacant land with ocean view

2. We have highly qualified home builders that can build on your lot

3. We have Buyers for distressed, vacant, or closed commercial properties

4. We are experienced Buyers Brokers in the CNMI for buyers

5. We offer broker services, auctioneer services, commercial property valuations,and consulting

6. We offer services for bank owned, foreclosures, and auctions through SE Asiaand the Pacific Rim.

7. We can offer financing on commercial property and residential 

8. We have the best home deal on Saipan, with financing, and large fully concrete home with majestic ocean view for half construction price

9. We have condos throughout SE Asia


If you need help with property, call the oldest name in Saipan Real Estate 670-287-4766 

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